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What the hell is this?

flipdot-gschichtler is a set of network applications which allow you to display text snippets on the flipdot panel inside OpenLab Augsburg without being inside its network. If you're wondering what a “flipdot panel” is supposed to be, here's a picture . Basically it's a display with pixels that are physically flipped around using electromagnetic force.

This is useful if you want to send messages via an IRC bot or annoy everyone who is present from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

This server provides a REST API which manages a queue of strings waiting to be displayed. Using this API you, the user, can add new strings to be displayed to the queue (this web interface uses the API internally).

The queue is regualarly checked by a daemon in the local network of the OpenLab which then uses the scroll_text.py script to display the strings from the queue.

Where's the source code?

Hosted on GitHub: openlab-aux/flipdot-gschichtler

How do I use the API?

Long story short: /api/v2/queue lets you view the current queue, send a POST request to /api/v2/queue/add with a request body of text=<my text> to add text to the queue.

Long story long (not really): Read the API documentation.

Can I get an API token?

Authentication is only necessary to delete queue entries, so chances are you don't need one. If you need one regardless, ask sterni .